Affinity Community Engagement [ACE] Project CIC was founded in 2010 with a vision to provide support services for people in the community who are challenged by obstacles or adversary. We at ACE Project CIC recognize there are many situations that can disempower people in our community, such as


  • disability

  • lack of practical & emotional support

  • transportation

  • lack of finance

  • isolation & discrimination

  • cultural needs

  • age

  • single parenting


We at ACE Project CIC believe that with a bit of time, support and care, people in our communities can overcome barriers to living a fulfilled life, in their communities and the wider society.


Affinity Community Engagement Project CIC is based in the East of Birmingham, UK providing services for community groups throughout the region with the aim of maximising the lives of all of our service users’, assisting them to live as independently as possible.


ACE Project CIC design services for individuals and groups to achieve health and well-being, promoting greater choice and control, reduce mental ill-health, emotional distress and challenge discrimination so that our service users have equal access to universal services and can make significant contribution to their own health and well-being.


Our aims are to fully support and empower people who are isolated, disadvantaged and of different cultural background to integrate and be socially included in their local community, through guiding and training in a culturally sensitive way. ACE Project CIC will ensure that all service users receive the appropriate support and care to staying healthy in a safe environment.

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Affinity Community Engagement Project CIC


Office address:

Spencer House

51 Tyburn Rd


B24 8NN


Office : 0121-318-7049

Mobile: 07595-333-469

Email:  info@aceprojectcic.org.uk


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ACE Project CIC operates partly on grants and donations.

To assist our services to help our most vulnerable groups in our community please consider making a donation.

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Thank You to HOE Community Foundation for our 2017 Grant:

February to July

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